Heavy Duty Champs in the Industry

Heavy duty equipment are reliable to get the job done when it comes to buildings and constructions but what does it take to earn the “heavy” title? Performance. Most of these long lasting equipment were designed to facilitate construction tasks. Heavy equipment in the construction industry refers to a variety of equipment ranging from conveyors to backhoes and excavators. They are used to move heavy objects effortlessly on the construction site and help in doing strenuous repetitive tasks. These machines evolved literally evolved with human civilizations.

Most heavy equipment’s were designed to do specific jobs. Here are a few examples:


Cranes are the type of heavy duty equipment that the you go above and beyond. The are used to raise and lower objects vertically and move them on a horizontal plane. They are different kind of cranes for different use. Little cranes called Jib Cranes are versatile and can even be used indoors while their big brother, the tower crane are used for the construction of very tall building such as skyscrapers and arenas.


Excavators are made to dig. They are almost an extension to the human arm. In fact these machines are human controlled robots. Apart from digging, different size buckets and attachments allow the excavator operator to achieve other tasks such as moving and lifting.


Conveyors are one of these things you will find in every industry sector ranging from the moving walkway conveyor belt at an airport to roller conveyors on the manufacturing line. In the construction industry, they can be used to move material with no effort.


Some refer to them as the king of heavy equipment. They are often the first in line when starting a construction project. They will clear the site of any debris, trees and any other unwanted item quickly and effectively.

“Heavy” equipment deserve their name as they can perform a wide variety of task. These equipment help build our cities and town thousands of years ago and are still helping in the progress of our civilization. We can trace back the use of heavy equipment way back to the first century when they were powered by humans and the help of animals such as horses and buffaloes. Motored versions of these machinery did not exist until the nineteenth century. In this day and age technology makes the use these machinery enjoyable for the operator.