Conveyor rollers

High quality conveyor rollers at the right price

Fastrax is a well-established conveyor roller manufacturer producing a comprehensive range of conveyor rollers for a wide range of industries.

Whether you need to order one conveyor roller or thousands of conveyor rollers, we manufacture to suit your individual requirements. We manufacture rollers for a wide range of conveyor roller systems, from stainless steel, zinc-plated mild steel and PVC in tube diameters ranging from 20mm to 102mm.

Thanks to extensive raw material stocks, we can handle even large quantity orders with impressive turnaround times - 2 to 5 days is standard, while same or next day despatch is often possible for those last minute requirements such as replacement conveyor rollers to keep your production processes moving.

Quality design and build

Quality design and build

Our focus on quality starts with sourcing only the best raw materials, rejecting anything that falls outside our strict tolerances.

During manufacture your order is checked at each stage before passing through to the next process. This also contributes to our ability to meet orders on time.


High quality conveyors at the right price

Fastrax is an industry respected conveyor system manufacturer producing a comprehensive range of conveyors and ancillary equipment.

Many businesses searching for conveyors online using terms such as 'belt conveyor', ‘UK rollers’ or ‘conveyor rollers UK’ have often found us the ideal solution to their requirements thanks to our wide industry experience and ability to cater for specific requirements.

We manufacture to high quality levels, taking pride that you will always be completely satisfied with our customer service too. We offer fast delivery lead-times, typically we quote 3 to 4 days for most  conveyors orders and are capable of manufacturing multiple conveyors often within 2 to 3 weeks.

We manufacture our conveyors to suit your requirements and we do not restrict you to standard widths – we manufacture to suit the width you need.

Because we keep extensive raw materials we can handle even large quantities with impressive turnaround times so please put an established conveyor system expert manufacturer to the test!