EZ-24 control driver cards for the PulseRoller

  • Advanced motor protection
  • Overcurrent / overload protection
  • Configurable digital speed settings
  • Acceleration / deceleration settings
  • Direct input of photo cell (NPN/PNP automatic recognition)
  • Each MotorRoller requires one EZ-24 card in operation 

ConveyLinx® control driver cards for the DC MotorRoller

  • Worlds first ethernet networked 2-zone controller—ConveyLinx®
  • Simple zero pressure accumulation (ZPA) control
  • Can be controlled by an iPhone, PC or an Android phone
  • Simple push button configuration
  • Automatic detection of motor direction
  • Automatic detection of connected sensor type (dark/light—NPN/PNP)
  • Ethernet networked (modbus TCP / ethernet IP protocol supported
  • EasyRoll configuration software tool—free of charge dowload
  • One ConveyLinx® controller will control two MotorRoller’s