Quality design and build

High standards of manufacture

While we offer fast ordering options, we also work to a high standard to ensure your gravity conveyor system runs reliably even under hard use to help ensure you achieve high levels of productivity.

This starts with only sourcing the best in raw materials, and adhering to rigorous quality control procedures as your gravity roller conveyor order progresses through to final sign off and dispatch.

Conveyor rollers

Gravity roller conveyor UK manufactured

Fastrax is dedicated to ensuring our customers’ production facilities are kept running day in day out through the supply of UK made top quality gravity roller conveyors. Our comprehensive range is able to suit a variety of requirements thanks to a wide variety of specifications and customisation options.

Our gravity conveyors cover mild, medium and heavy duty usage situations and within these categories various options can be chosen to specifically meet your needs. We can offer fast turnaround times for ordering - 2 to 5 days is possible - as is next day dispatch to help keep your production processes operational with minimal disruption.


Customised gravity conveyors

Within three broad categories of gravity roller conveyors for sale - light, medium or heavy duty - various other options can be chosen within these variants to achieve the best solution for your exact production requirements.

Various load options are available up to 1500kg per metre for our heavy duty option - suitable perhaps for a gravity pallet roller conveyor set up. Various roller pitches and diameters are available as are different materials of construction including mild zinc plated and stainless steel, and a plastic gravity roller conveyor option (PVC).

Further customisation choices are possible to meet your gravity conveyor needs: you can specify any roller width you like, choose your frame colour, and select from various fittings of side guides and end stops.

Fastrax help many businesses run reliable production processes through supplying top quality gravity roller conveyors, so find out today how we can help you.