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Top quality and reliable belt conveyors

We work to a high standard to ensure your belt conveyors offer reliable performance over the long term: this starts with only sourcing the best in raw materials and adopting thorough quality control procedures at all stages of production. This attention to detail does not mean order processing is slow though as we can meet swift turnaround times: 2 to 5 days is standard with even next day dispatch possible to help you keep your roller belt conveyor systems operational.

Conveyor rollers

Belt conveyors to suit your needs

At Fastrax we know your requirements are specific to your business, so we offer various specifications of belt conveyor to cover a multitude of production situations. Whether you use or wish to install a heavy duty conveyor belt system or a set up for lighter use, we have the belt conveyors to match.

We offer a range of customisation options - you can even choose your preferred colour - so we should be able to provide exactly what you need for your belt driven roller conveyor system.

We work with customers both large and small and keep extensive manufacturing supplies in stock at all times, enabling us to provide swift response and delivery times for your roller belt conveyor order requirements regardless of volume.


Choose your belt conveyor with confidence

Whether your conveyor belt system is for light, medium or heavy duty use there are various options within all three categories:

Various load ratings are possible (up to 100kg per metre with a heavy duty belt conveyor)  as are several drive options such as geared motor drive, motorised drum or drum motor drive, and you can choose from different belt options such as width, colour and material (steel or plastic variants). Frame materials include mild or fully stainless steel

Many companies searching for ‘belt conveyors UK’ have found their production needs met with Fastrax: why not find out how we can help you? Contact us now.